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LCPC Meeting Minutes for Feb 25, 2009

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on February 26, 2009

Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

6:00 pm

Lead City Hall


Call to Order

Roll Call

Present – Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice Chair; Dan Leikvold; Dave Morris; Absent – Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Bob Bratcher; Marlo Heupel

Present Action Team Leaders – Jim O’Grady, Rose Burns

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Dan moved and Les seconded to approve the minutes of February 11th, 2009. Motion passed.

Action Team Reports

Lead Community Foundation Team – Dan Leikvold

o Ideas of Action Team were forwarded to the existing Lead Community Foundation. It was agreed to combine the team with the existing Community Foundation.

o The Community Foundation decided to expand to support non-profits as well.

Lead Business Alliance (LBA) – Jim O’Grady

o The LBA will hold a meeting on March 18th to introduce itself to the community, its goals, and planned schedule of events.

o They intend to develop a database of volunteers willing to support community events.

o The public is welcome to meetings. There is a core group that is conducting the planning.

Sign Action Team

o The goal is to increase traffic visitor traffic downtown.

o Various projects being worked are in support of the ore-car signs, parking directional signs, billboards, and lighted signs for trestle near Hwy 385 junction.

o $6,000 in funding secured through city for head-frame signs. The goal is for these to be in place by tourist season. The signs will display the theme “Lead – A Gold Mine for Adventure”.

o Lynn’s Dakotamart/Great Western is planning similar signs. One may have a digital scrolling sign.

Dog Run Park Action Team – Rose Burns

o The team is looking for property for the park

o One site being considered is across from Manuel Brothers Park

o They’ll meet again on Friday February 27th.

Neighbor Works – Michelle Eddy (Report from Jim O’Grady)

o Planning Homefest for the last week in June. This will also include a Victorian Celebration and will include a display of pre-1939 cars.

Mining Museum – Bob Phillips

o Written report submitted

o A list of prioritized projects has been developed.

o Budget and operating summary has been developed.

o Small grants applications are being written.

o Parking lot inspected, minor corrections are being made, and should be open in the near future.

o Planning to restore the video theater to original décor and purpose.

WLC Engineering

o Presented their statement of qualifications

o Discussed services they can provide to include: Engineering, Planning, GIS Surveys, and Grant Writing.

o Emphasized the importance of an updated comprehensive plan when applying for grants.

o Indicated that there is little value in paying someone to write applications for grants of less than $50,000

Next meeting – March 11, 2009, at City Hall



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