City of Lead, SD

LCPC Meeting Minutes Jan 14, 2008

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on January 16, 2009

Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

6:00 pm

Lead City Hall


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
    • Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice Chair; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dan Leikvold; Bob Dratcher; Dave Morris.
    • 3-audience members
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Dan moved and Les seconded to approve the minutes of December 30, 2008. Motion passed.
  • Old Business
    • Rural Learning Center Report presentation

§  Brief discussion of lessons learned from meeting

§  Incorporating the report in to our plan

  • Nick stated he would like to have the community event be an annual event to celebrate the successes and work with the action teams.
  • Dave stated it was well attended with more new faces.
  • Les stated it was good and eight of the twelve that he talked to attending.
  • Michelle stated there was good energy.
  • Bob stated it was an older crowd.
  • Dan felt more of this needs to be done so there is more than the same 20 people.
  • Michelle stated that the action teams are now working with existing groups with the same focus.
  • There was discussion on how to get the younger people to attend. It was stated that it’s tough with families and work.
  • Dan stated that there still needs to be more discussion and done on the bigger vision.
  • Nick asked how to recruit more people into these teams.
  • Dan stated it’s necessary to know when and where they are meeting.
  • There was discussion about communication and Nick stated he will communicate with tea leaders.
  • Dan feels there needs to be more discussion around the consensus building and a shared vision.
  • There was discussion about the press might make it clear as to what was accomplished.
  • Michelle stated she felt there was a lot of energy and readiness to move forward.
  • Dave stated that people were asked to pick something and do it.
  • Nick stated there are six teams with 29 people ready to step up and make things happen. He suggested giving them guidance and identifies steps and how we support them. It’s necessary to set a timeline and then bring it to the city commission for approval.
  • Dave stated he doesn’t like benchmarks as it sets limitations.
  • Michelle discussed the needs for goals and general time lines but not hard time frames.
  • Jodi with the Lead Foundation team asked if there was city land available and nonprofit organizations developed to provide services.
  • Nick stated there needs to be a format to tell the commission what their plan is and what the want to accomplish.
  • Dan asked what the community foundation was.
  • Jodi explained that they want to help with the events, support the business community and activities and help with economic development to progress the community.
  • Dan explained that a foundation is an organization that raises money to distribute to other organizations. There is one already existing call the Lead-Deadwood Area Foundation. It has been in existence for one year.
  • It was discussed to bring the groups together and have further conversation.
  • It was also discussed that as a commission we need to know our role.
  • Dave stated that it’s necessary to find something to tackle and make it happen.
  • Michelle discussed “action plans” that she has worked with through NeighborWorks®. She felt these would help line out their plans and create more conversation.
  • It was decided to conduct “action planning” at the next meeting. Michelle will email out a sample.
  • Next meeting – January 28th, City Hall
  • Adjournment

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