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LCPC Meeting Minutes Dec 30, 2008

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on January 1, 2009

Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission


December 30, 2008

Roll Call:

Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice-Chair; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dave Morris; Dan Leikvold; Joe Bartman (phone); Eric Abramson (phone).

Absent: Bob Bratcher; Marlo Heuple;

Audience Attendance: 2

  • The group reviewed the January 6th agenda. Joe sent out information concerning World Café and asked to cover the logistics of the event and the purpose.
  • Nick stated the Chamber will be providing some refreshments. Nick has also sent out PSA’s and emailed invites for the event.
  • Joe stated he will be in town Monday night and Eric will be in Tuesday afternoon. Joe suggested that the group meet at 5:30 p.m. to ensure everyone is prepared and ready to facilitate the World Café. It was decided to meet at 5:00 p.m. and also have dinner.
  • Joe suggested in order to move groups into action, to also include doing “Open Space” at some point. He stated that it’s necessary to discuss the purpose of the event so people understand the need to move into action.
  • Nick felt this section would fall under his section in talking about the Comprehensive Planning Commission. Michelle will then talk about what has been accomplished and moving into the future action.
  • Dan stated that the Design Workshop is the “hook” and asked that the successes be moved before the World Café.
  • Discussion was made concerning the World Café questions. It was decided to have “What is most important to do now?” for two rounds and then the final round will be “What can I do?” When done everyone will report out on what they discovered “harvest or mining” and then move into “Open Space.” It was also stated that it’s important to know that those who show up are those who are meant to be there.
  • There was discussion on how the process works and enables everything to move forward. It was also stated that it’s important to take what is being discussed and what the people want.
  • Dan stated that the meeting should not take more than two hours but everyone should be prepared to adjust.
  • Michelle suggested that each Comp. Plan Commissioner should be assigned to a group to help as a liason.
  • Joe stressed that the list developed by the groups at the meeting might not fit what the Commission has lined out and it’s necessary to go where the energy is and be flexible and open.
  • Dan reviewed the agenda.
  • Joe discussed the concept of “open space.”
  • There was discussion about being prepared that not everyone will participate. It was also discussed that the focus will be to move into action.

Town Meeting January 6, 2009.

Bullet points from World Café discussion:

  • What is important to do now & what can I do?
    • Communication between business owners and property owners.
    • Instill a sense of pride
    • Talk to people door to door/face to face
    • Help/support downtown businesses
    • Pursue business grants
    • Hire a grant writer
    • Design a central way to communicate what’s happening in Lead
    • Find a better way not to conflict with other events
    • Reach out to the ministers
    • Beautify the town (government to individuals)
    • Market Lead to visitors
    • Better signage
    • Take pride and clean up individual properties
    • Help my neighbors
    • Courage to ask people to beautify their property
    • Talk positive and stop complaining
    • Support winter tourism
    • Sledding/kids activities
    • Take advantage of location and become more of a “resort” community
  • Organized Action Teams
    • Business Associations

§  Jim O’Grady

§  Karen Everett

§  Sherry Bea Smith

§  Reid Stone

§  Ron Everett

o   Black Hills Mining Museum

§  Bob Phillips

§  Sherry Bea Smith

§  Kim Borsch

§  Ron Everett

§  Mike Stahl

o   Lead Community Foundation

§  Sheila Alexopoulos

§  Karmen Thompson

§  Jody Kuntz

o   Main Street Revitalization

o   Signage for Lead/Communication

§  Les Roselles

o   Dog Park

§  Rose Burns

§  Nick Johns

§  Kim Borsch

§  Randy Lepthien

§  Doug Mathis

o   Housing/Neighborhoods

§  Casey Borsch

§  Joy McCracken

§  Dave Scherer

§  Reid Stone

§  Michelle Eddy

§  Lea Mathis

o   Funding for projects

§  Nick Krebs


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