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LCPC Meeting Minutes Nov 12, 2008

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on November 14, 2008

Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission


November 12, 2008

Roll Call:

Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice-Chair; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dave Morris; Dan Leikvold; Marlo Heuple;

Absent: Bob Bratcher

Audience Attendance: 2

  • Les moved and Dan seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed. 6 yes; 0 no.
  • Les moved and Dan seconded to approve the minutes of October 22, 2008.  Motion passed. 6 yes; 0 no.
  • Rural Learning Conference Call
    • Joe Bartman, Eric Abramson and Lindsey Carlson joined the group on a conference call to discuss the Rural Learning Center report.
    • Dan introduced everyone.
    • Everyone reviewed the draft provided.  See attached.  Plans are currently to meet on December 8th, 7:00 p.m. with the whole community to review the findings.
    • Eric apologized for the amount of time it took to get the report complete.  He went through and summarized the findings.  One of the key findings was on page 4 “a community in transition” and show different themes.  It was noted that there are many plans out there, but no one knows where to start.  He stated that one of Lead’s advantages is its strong sense of place.
    • The issues and next steps were reviewed.  Eric stated they will be adding in additional data.
    • Joe reminded everyone that this is still in draft form but they will be putting the finishing touches on.  He asked if there were any comments.
    • Marlo questioned using the past to bridge the future.  He felt it will hard due to the negativity.
    • Eric stated this is an educational piece to see as an opportunity, not just baggage.
    • Les stated planning is one thing and doing is another and it is necessary to get going.
    • Dan felt it was very encouraging and that it is exactly what has been talked about.  The shared vision, process and set of priorities.  This allows the group to start with the action plan and review what has been done.  What is two years out and what are the top priorities for the next 15 years.  He felt if it was a bad idea to put it on the delete list.  This will all be presented to the whole community.
    • Nick stated that December 8th will be a good opportunity to review the report and share the process and brag about what has been accomplished and the commission’s purpose.
    • Marlo stated he liked the draft and felt it is a lot easier to digest.
    • Nick liked the idea to go where the energy is and putting people over projects. On December 8th, this will be a partnership with all entities and people.
    • Dave noticed that the city hasn’t been getting information out to the citizens and getting the message out is key.
    • Marlo also noted the feeling that “it’s always someone else’s responsibility.”  There needs to be people taking responsibility and this can be done through communication.
    • Lindsey stated that December 8th is an opportunity to create work teams to get people interested in what they like.
    • Joe agreed and stated that the community needs time to process and talk in small groups before developing the action plans.
    • It was discussed that the date needs to be settled and to possibly hold it at the high school.  Dan asked who should send out the invites.  Joe stated that the Rural Learning Center will send out a copy to everyone who participated and an invite to the meeting.  The group will also get the word out.  He suggested having food and refreshments.
    • The flow of the program was discussed.  Dan stated he didn’t want to start from scratch.  He stated that Rural Learning Center will do their presentation and then the Comprehensive Planning Commission will hand out what has been worked on.
    • Michelle stated that it is necessary to celebrate the successes and what has been done.  She suggested putting ideas out there and asking for input.
    • Nick agreed and added that people can then sign up for what they want.
    • Dan added that repetition is good and so it would be good to hold another meeting in January.  He also suggested having talking points such as stating the vision and asking if they agree.
    • Dave stated that groups have come and gone and it’s necessary to get people involved.  He warned that it’s necessary to be careful to commit ourselves to more than Lead can handle and the residents can handle.
    • Nick asked to have the Commission get back together again before the public meeting.
    • Dan stated he will work with Joe, Eric and Michelle to put together a plan and then meet again as a group.
    • Plans were made to meet December 3rd, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.
    • The Commission then reviewed the updated plan.  It reviewed the list of what has been done or is ongoing.  Dan asked if there was any debate on these items.
    • Michelle stated she reviewed all of the items and what has been discussed and that it’s necessary to place the “where do these go” as most of them are duplicates.
    • Nick felt the trail head should be moved up and that there is funding for this project.
    • Dan asked the group to review the items again and move items where they need to be.
    • Les added in recreation as a priority.
    • Nick stated he is working on getting things posted to the website.
    • Michelle will talk once again with the chamber about getting city items on there.
    • Dave discussed that some items are city functions and not something this commission should look at.
    • Nick felt the group should go where the energy is and put it out there and have residents sign up for what they need.
    • Marlo stated this will take more time than was originally thought and it will move forward in baby steps.
    • Dan noted on Eric’s comments that unless people come together with a sense of a shared vision with the community, Lead will continue with the in-fighting that is going on.
    • Nick reviewed the actions.
      • Review the plan and email Dan with suggestions
      • Michelle and Dan will draft December 8th meeting
      • Nick will follow-up with Cindy for website and Michelle with the chamber.
      • Next meeting will be December 3rd, 6:00 p.m.
    • Dan went over the upcoming dates:
      • December 3rd, 6:00 p.m.
      • December 8th, 7:00 p.m.
      • December 10th, 6:00 p.m. workgroups
      • There will be a meeting before Christmas to follow-up.
    • Les moved and Dave seconded to adjourn at 7:41 p.m.  Motion passed. 6 yes; 0 no.

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