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LCPC Meeting Minutes Oct 22, 2008

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on October 24, 2008

Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission

Meeting October 22, 2008

Roll Call: Nick Krebs, President; Les Roselles, Vice President; Michelle Eddy, Secretary/Treasurer; Bob Dratcher; Marlo Heuple; Dave Morris; Dan Leikvold

Audience Members Present: 6

  • Dave moved and Bob seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed. 7-yes; 0-no
  • Minutes: Dave moved and Bob seconded to approve the minutes of October 8, 2008.  Motion passed. 7-yes; 0-no.

Rural Learning Center:

  • Dan reported he sent out an email on Monday.  The finishing touches are being put on the report and they should have it soon.

Follow up:

  • Dan handed out what was put together from the Comprehensive Plan.
  • See attached sheet for full report.
    • Part I -was an overview taken from discussion that has been held and from the plan itself.
    • The plan is a road map to get Lead 15-20 years down the road.  It is necessary to develop short and long term goals to get there.
    • Dan asked for comments on the vision statement.-None were given.
    • It was reviewed as to what has been done or is ongoing.
    • It was noted that there is a sign ordinance in place at this time.
    • Dan explained that most everything listed was cut and pasted directly from the plan.  Michelle then added in comments where she knew what has been done.
    • It was discussed from the audience that downtown has not been maintained but needs to be restored as a central focus.
    • There was discussion about where the city center is located.  Les explained he felt it was from Wells Fargo to the armory.
    • Nick noted that “maintain” is a focus but not necessarily being done.
    • Les stated that the buildings are part of the history.  He feels the vision looks good.
    • There was discussion on the need to define the words “city center” and “maintaining.”
    • Dan suggested changing to “there will be a commitment to the downtown area as a central focus.”
    • Additional discussion decided it was good as it is and will be left alone.
    • Nick reviewed all of the items listed and asked for comment.
      • Dave noted there needs to be more emphasis on item #3.
      • Dan talked about the Fall Festival that was held this year and the need to build on that event for the future.  He felt the pluses were the potluck, but needed to be emphasized that it wasn’t a “Chamber Mixer” but instead a community event.  There will also be more time for the poker run.  Overall it was a good activity and Dan invited everyone to participate.
      • Nick noted that #3 is ongoing by other groups and doesn’t need to be a focus.
      • #4-ongoing and good.  It was discussed that one sign has been done and a second is being worked on.  Les noted that there needs to be more communication as what is happening.  For example on the city website.
      • Decision was made to combine #5 with #3.
      • #7-Michelle stated this was more of a block club focus.
      • #8-complete
      • #10-Les stated this is ongoing with Fire Prevention week.
      • #11-Rose suggested there was a need for more follow up and now that a 5 year commitment has been done what’s next.  It was noted that Black Hills Vision gave $300,000 for the start up of Dakota Land Trust.  Rose felt it is time to bring them back in and talk about what is being done. It was suggested to put this under the 2 year list.
      • #12-good.
      • #13-Marlo noted this is being addressed by Planning and Zoning and is ongoing.
      • Dan asked what was most important the streets, sewer, water…?
      • Under #13 it was discussed that there is a street replacement plan but it is not aggressive due to the lack of funds.  It was decided that all of it is important and needs to be watched.
      • #14-combine with 12,13,14,15 and should be then put under the heading of needing to be addressed in the next two years.
      • #16-this is being done and has been important since the plan was done.
      • #17- Marlo stated that Planning & Zoning are continually updating and reviewing, so this is being completed and is ongoing.  There was discussion about wind turbines and this is being looked at for an ordinance by the county.
      • #18-it was discussed to put this with 12-15.  This is actually a city focus and not a comprehensive plan issue.
      • #19-also was put with #s 12-15.
      • #20-complete.
      • #21-complete and ongoing.
      • #22- no one knew what this was so it was moved to the back page as not a priority.
      • Dan discussed the “Tender Loving Care” list and the current situation with demolitions coming through.  There needs to be a plan that is proactive before a house is beyond repair.  This is being discussed at Historic Preservation and houses are being identified.  They will be working with the State Historic Preservation for assistance.
      • #23-this is ongoing.
      • #24-
      • #25-this is complete and the city has adopted the 2003 International Building Code.
      • #26-this is being worked on.  The feeling is this is an enforcement, but there also needs to be incentives.  It was decided to keep this on the front.  It was discussed to possibly work through the block clubs.
      • Dan recapped what has been done 11, 12-15, 18, 21, 26 will all be moved to the two year column.
      • The sign ordinance is done.
      • Homework was given to look at the last three pages under where to go.
      • Dan and Michelle will work through this.
      • After everything is cleaned up then there should be a big community meeting to celebrate and update.
      • Nick will follow up with the press and possibly get on the Library website.
      • Marlo thanked those who are coming to the meetings and participating.
      • Michelle noted she will be gone on the 12th.
      • It was decided to keep the meetings at city hall.

Les moved and Marlo seconded to adjourn at 7:30 p.m.  Motion passed. 7-yes; 0-no.


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