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LCPC Meeting Minutes Oct 08, 2008

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on October 10, 2008

Lead Comprehensive Planning Committee

October 8, 2008

Nick Krebs, President; Les Roselles, Vice President; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dan Leikvold; Dave Morris; Absent: Bob Dratcher; Marlo Heuple

Audience: 5 members

Old Business:

Rural Learning Center Status

  • Dan received an update from Joe Bartman.  They are working with Jones and Jones and the work should be done within the week and ready for review.

Follow up discussion

  • Nick reported that there was nothing new.  He stated they have a good direction and asked for comments.


  • Les moved and Dan seconded to approve the minutes of September 22, 2008.  Motion passed.  5 yes; 0 no

New Business

  • Nick asked Dave Schneider to speak about his experiences with the steering committee who helped put the plan together.
  • Dan stated that in reviewing the plan there are notes and priorities with specific tasks.  He stated that the original committee was never formed.
  • Michelle corrected Dan in that there was a Redevelopment Commissioned formed reviewed what has been accomplished by NeighborWorks® Dakota Home Resources (NHS) and that in the beginning parking was an area that was addressed and looked at.
  • Dan discussed what the new committee was here to accomplish and that is to move items in the plan forward.  He stated that it is necessary to review tasks and see what has been done and what is still relevant.  He stated that some of the process is to talk with those who were involved in the development of the plan.  It stated that it is necessary to state a direction.
  • Dave Schneider stated that when the plan was put together, it was put together by a firm with categories that are general to most any community.  One of the risks of these plans is that it will sit on a shelf, be too general and not specific enough.  The document doe identify items and provide a base as to where to start.  He stated that it is very difficult to take items into action.
  • Dan stated that when Rural Learning Center has its report complete, it will also identify items with action and will probably look very much like the comprehensive plan.
  • Nick stated a concern about jumping in before the plan is really looked at.
  • Dave S. said that it is difficult to look into the future due to the present day constraints so it is necessary to determine a vision 1 year, 10 years then use this to identify the road blocks and how to get there.  Nick agreed.
  • Les stated that when the committee is ready, Terry Weisenberg will come up and review with the plan with the committee.
  • Dan stated there needs to be a final meeting to discuss from the spring with everyone and share the information.  Joe is willing to report out with the participants of the spring meetings.
  • The committee was commended for what they are trying to do and to make it all happen.  It was noted that it is necessary to keep community in mind as the plan moves forward and report out on the successes.
  • It was stated that there needs to be ownership of the plan and a shared vision by the community.  Other committees are here and have been here.
  • Nick stated he is anxious to move forward and asked to go through items.
    • Land Use
  • Dan felt it is the purposes of the committee to go through the action steps not review the goals.
  • There was discussion on different items including residents and non residents and who to bring in to help set the actions.  Additional discussion included the need to continually review the vision and look at the action.
  • Dave S noted that vision is independent of the how to and the action.
  • There was discussion that the vision is there and now it’s time to figure out how to get there.
  • Dave M stated that they need to get the community buy in first as it will create support so the action can happen.
  • It was questioned as to whether or not it is a shared vision.
  • Rose Burns stated that the plan is 4-years old so it’s necessary to consider what has happened.
  • Les felt the committee should work one goal at a time and work through it.  This can be done by reviewing the action steps and checking off what has been accomplished.
  • Nick suggested looking at goals and then setting the action steps as priorities to the goals.
  • Dave S stated that most areas of focus are the downtown.  He encouraged the committee to find an area like this that will create a universal impact that benefits everybody.  There needs to be a focus.
  • Nick asked the committee to look at the goal and develop the action steps.
  • Dave S stated there are two main points: 1. Preserve the historical nature of the town and 2. Create a city center/downtown as Lead does not have one.
  • Dan stated he believes the vision is there and it is the committee’s job to move it forward.  He went on that when it’s time to roll it out, let the public know and ask them to join along.  It is the mission of the group to make the vision happen.
  • There was discussion on the need to revitalize downtown and need to figure out how to make that happen.
  • The history of how Hill City turned around was discussed.  They started out small.
  • Dave M noted that it’s necessary to start somewhere downtown to get something started.
  • Dan stated that they need to decide what has been done and what is left.
  • Nick reiterated the goals and policies should be accepted and move ahead with the action steps.
  • Dan stated the group needs to develop a statement and agree with it.  Dan will work on this to develop a shared vision of the community.
  • It was discussed that the action steps are prioritized and well lined out.
  • It was discussed that the committee needs to identify what needs to be done first.  There was discussion about how projects are funded.
  • Michelle discussed developing incentives for downtown improvements.
  • Dan felt some of this would be in the Rural Learning Center report.
  • It was discussed that it’s necessary to look at the whole downtown and figure out what is wanted and then work on the how.  Dave S has a design that would cost about $15-20 million but can’t get the funding if there isn’t a plan on the whole vision.
  • Dave M stated that right now there is nothing to get visitors to stop.
  • There was additional discussion on selecting an area focusing on it.
  • Michelle offered to work with Dan on this.
  • Nick felt there still needed to be a 1 year plan.
  • It was discussed that there needs to be a focus and a catalyst to get things moving.
  • It was discussed to get the Science Authority involved.
  • Dave S suggested getting a liaison and include them in these discussions.
  • Next Meeting, October 22nd 6:00 p.m.
    • Action Steps for next meeting:
      • Need to post agendas
      • Michelle and Dan will work on the list.
      • Joe will hopefully send his report.
      • Need to make contact at the Lab.
  • Dave M moved and Les seconded to adjourn.  Motion passed. 5 yes; 0 no.

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