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LPCP Meeting Minutes for Sep 22, 2009

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on September 24, 2008

Comprehensive Planning Committee

September 22, 2008

Roll Call: Commissioner Nick Krebs, President; Commissioner Les Roselles, Vice President;

Bob Dratcher; Marlo Heuple; Dan Leikvold; Joe Bartman, Rural Learning Center.

Absent: Dave Morris

Audience Members: 7

  • Discussion was held on what would be the best day and time to meet.  It was decided to meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.  This will be published in the newspapers to encourage residents to come and participate.
  • Nick introduced Joe Bartman with the Rural Learning Center.  Joe attended to provide the group with an update on the design workshop that was held last spring.
  • Nick explained that this was the second official meeting for the Committee.  The plans are to review the current Comprehensive Plan, goals and action steps to identify what has been accomplished, what needs to be deleted and prioritize the next steps.  He stated the group will be developing a one-year plan for recommendation to the city. He noted they would like to incorporate the Historic Preservation plan as well as the school plan to see where they come together.
  • Dan stated there is a lot of duplication with the plan and with what has been done so far with Rural Learning Center.  He noted that there needs to be a process for moving forward and it’s important to drive direction and find common ground.  Dan asked where Rural Learning Center was in the process.
  • Joe passed around information as to what has been completed thus far.  Joe then discussed the history of Rural Learning Center and the successes they have had in Howard, SD.  He then summarized the process for Lead and what has been found so far.  The first steps were to conduct interviews with the various sectors of the community.  Next they hosted small group conversations and finally a design workshop was held with Jones & Jones and Eric Abramson.  It is the plan to pull all of the efforts together and complete the report.  This will include a summary of what they learned from the community to provide a direction.  This can be done with or without Rural Learning Center. Joe stated that the hang up right now is they are waiting for the report from Jones & Jones to put with the Rural Learning Center report.
  • Joe stated that what was found is the community residents really love Lead and want to make it better.  With all of the plans, a lot has been accomplished is already outlined.  He stated there are lots of opportunity with Deadwood gaming, the lab, recreation and private investment.
  • Joe then noted the challenges.  He stated Lead needs to identify who they are and how they can work together.  There are several ideas out there right now but no strong definition of leadership to pull all of the visions and ideas together.  There are also too many plans with no action or direction.  He stated the group needs to see how they can all work together for a solution.
  • In summary, Joe stated there needs to be more about people versus projects.  He suggested not making a list to check off but instead find the energy and go there.  Have the community talking together to discover things and voting on our feet.  He said to find out what residents are passionate about.
  • It was stated that the group needs to celebrate what has been accomplished to battle the apathy by residents to get involved.
  • Marlo suggested having items publicized to educate the public on what is happening.
  • It was also stated to get this information on a city website.  Michelle stated there is a city section on the Chamber website.
  • Other ideas were discussed on how to get the word out including using the media and putting notices of the meetings in the newspaper.
  • Dan noted that Joe’s assessment was spot on and it is good to hear from an outsider what they see.  He also noted that buy in is crucial and helps define what is important so when something comes up, the group knows what to do.
  • Discussion was held on how it all worked in Howard.  Joe stated the group held several meetings and developed a 10 year grassroots community plan.  From there they set small tasks that worked toward the big plan.  It got people talking to each other and really dig into the issues.  Joe stated that when planning goes on it is not a small group but rather a large group and everyone is a member.  It is also important to get the youth involved.  Joe discussed the pull factor and where Lead stands.  Currently the majority of our dollars are leaving the community.
  • Dan discussed the need for buy in and therefore the need for the report.
  • Nick suggested a possibility of identifying a primary action step in each of the six areas and develop a one year plan from there.
  • It was stated that the plan needs to be reviewed and see what has been accomplished and get it out to the media for a story.  It was discussed that the public needs to know what is going on and what is being discussed.  Also meetings need to be publicized with topics so those who want to be involved can be.
  • It was also decided to get the word out to the students so they can get involved.
  • Joe felt these were all good ideas but warned of settling back into small groups making the decisions.
  • It was noted that there needs to be grassroots conversations within the neighborhoods.
  • For the next meeting it was stated that there needs to be a sign in sheet.  Also to include in the news briefs where residents can get a copy of the plan.
  • It was decided that the Rural Learning Center should report to the Comprehensive Planning Committee to work in the same direction.

Next meeting: Wednesday, October 8, 2008; 6:00 p.m. Lead City Hall.


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