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LCPC Meeting Minutes for Feb 25, 2009

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Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

6:00 pm

Lead City Hall


Call to Order

Roll Call

Present – Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice Chair; Dan Leikvold; Dave Morris; Absent – Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Bob Bratcher; Marlo Heupel

Present Action Team Leaders – Jim O’Grady, Rose Burns

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Dan moved and Les seconded to approve the minutes of February 11th, 2009. Motion passed.

Action Team Reports

Lead Community Foundation Team – Dan Leikvold

o Ideas of Action Team were forwarded to the existing Lead Community Foundation. It was agreed to combine the team with the existing Community Foundation.

o The Community Foundation decided to expand to support non-profits as well.

Lead Business Alliance (LBA) – Jim O’Grady

o The LBA will hold a meeting on March 18th to introduce itself to the community, its goals, and planned schedule of events.

o They intend to develop a database of volunteers willing to support community events.

o The public is welcome to meetings. There is a core group that is conducting the planning.

Sign Action Team

o The goal is to increase traffic visitor traffic downtown.

o Various projects being worked are in support of the ore-car signs, parking directional signs, billboards, and lighted signs for trestle near Hwy 385 junction.

o $6,000 in funding secured through city for head-frame signs. The goal is for these to be in place by tourist season. The signs will display the theme “Lead – A Gold Mine for Adventure”.

o Lynn’s Dakotamart/Great Western is planning similar signs. One may have a digital scrolling sign.

Dog Run Park Action Team – Rose Burns

o The team is looking for property for the park

o One site being considered is across from Manuel Brothers Park

o They’ll meet again on Friday February 27th.

Neighbor Works – Michelle Eddy (Report from Jim O’Grady)

o Planning Homefest for the last week in June. This will also include a Victorian Celebration and will include a display of pre-1939 cars.

Mining Museum – Bob Phillips

o Written report submitted

o A list of prioritized projects has been developed.

o Budget and operating summary has been developed.

o Small grants applications are being written.

o Parking lot inspected, minor corrections are being made, and should be open in the near future.

o Planning to restore the video theater to original décor and purpose.

WLC Engineering

o Presented their statement of qualifications

o Discussed services they can provide to include: Engineering, Planning, GIS Surveys, and Grant Writing.

o Emphasized the importance of an updated comprehensive plan when applying for grants.

o Indicated that there is little value in paying someone to write applications for grants of less than $50,000

Next meeting – March 11, 2009, at City Hall



City Commission Minutes 2-17-09

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Regular Meeting

February 17, 2009


The Lead City Commission met on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 in City Hall, 801 West Main Street at 5:00 PM with the following members present:   Commissioners Rose Burns, Les Roselles, Casey Borsch and Nick Krebs.  Absent: Mayor Nelson.  Burns called the Regular Meeting to order;  Mayor Nelson is at the Legislature.




            M/Roselles, S/Borsch – Carried to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 9, 2009.




            Asphalt Bids – Stahl requested permission to publish the request for asphalt for the summer street projects.


            M/Roselles, S/Krebs – Carried to allow the Request for Asphalt Bid Notice to be published and a Hearing set.




            Summer Employees – Stahl requested that this be postponed until next week.




            Contractor’s License – M/Borsch, S/Roselles – Carried to approve the initial Contractor’s License for Kilowatt Electric, Inc. (R.C.)




            Entrance Signs – Wayne Paananen was present to discuss the entrance signs to Lead.  He stated that he represents Lead’s New Business Alliance, the Comprehensive Plan group and the Chamber.  Their goal is to create a healthier business climate in Lead.


            Paananen stated his purpose was to propose the first leg of the three-year plan, which is to request that the City investment $6,000 to put three of these signs up by June 1st.  He emphasized that the entire $6,000 will go into the signs; there will be no administrative costs, etc., as that is all done by the volunteer group that cares so much about Lead.  All of the funds will go toward the construction of the three signs.    Burns felt this was an excellent idea.


            M/Krebs, S/Roselles  – Carried to invest $6,000 to the three Lead entrance signs to be expended from the Bed & Booze Fund.




Next Meeting The next City Commission Meeting will be held at 5:00 PM on Monday, 

February 23, 2009.


            M/Roselles, S/Borsch  – Carried to approve payment of the bills (See Attached List).



            At 5:28  PM, M/Roselles, S/Borsch – Carried to adjourn the Regular Meeting.


ATTEST:                                                        CITY OF LEAD



________________________________        _________________________________

Mike Stahl – City Administrator                     Rose Burns – Acting Mayor


LCPC Meeting Minutes Jan 14, 2008

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Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

6:00 pm

Lead City Hall


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
    • Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice Chair; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dan Leikvold; Bob Dratcher; Dave Morris.
    • 3-audience members
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
    • Dan moved and Les seconded to approve the minutes of December 30, 2008. Motion passed.
  • Old Business
    • Rural Learning Center Report presentation

§  Brief discussion of lessons learned from meeting

§  Incorporating the report in to our plan

  • Nick stated he would like to have the community event be an annual event to celebrate the successes and work with the action teams.
  • Dave stated it was well attended with more new faces.
  • Les stated it was good and eight of the twelve that he talked to attending.
  • Michelle stated there was good energy.
  • Bob stated it was an older crowd.
  • Dan felt more of this needs to be done so there is more than the same 20 people.
  • Michelle stated that the action teams are now working with existing groups with the same focus.
  • There was discussion on how to get the younger people to attend. It was stated that it’s tough with families and work.
  • Dan stated that there still needs to be more discussion and done on the bigger vision.
  • Nick asked how to recruit more people into these teams.
  • Dan stated it’s necessary to know when and where they are meeting.
  • There was discussion about communication and Nick stated he will communicate with tea leaders.
  • Dan feels there needs to be more discussion around the consensus building and a shared vision.
  • There was discussion about the press might make it clear as to what was accomplished.
  • Michelle stated she felt there was a lot of energy and readiness to move forward.
  • Dave stated that people were asked to pick something and do it.
  • Nick stated there are six teams with 29 people ready to step up and make things happen. He suggested giving them guidance and identifies steps and how we support them. It’s necessary to set a timeline and then bring it to the city commission for approval.
  • Dave stated he doesn’t like benchmarks as it sets limitations.
  • Michelle discussed the needs for goals and general time lines but not hard time frames.
  • Jodi with the Lead Foundation team asked if there was city land available and nonprofit organizations developed to provide services.
  • Nick stated there needs to be a format to tell the commission what their plan is and what the want to accomplish.
  • Dan asked what the community foundation was.
  • Jodi explained that they want to help with the events, support the business community and activities and help with economic development to progress the community.
  • Dan explained that a foundation is an organization that raises money to distribute to other organizations. There is one already existing call the Lead-Deadwood Area Foundation. It has been in existence for one year.
  • It was discussed to bring the groups together and have further conversation.
  • It was also discussed that as a commission we need to know our role.
  • Dave stated that it’s necessary to find something to tackle and make it happen.
  • Michelle discussed “action plans” that she has worked with through NeighborWorks®. She felt these would help line out their plans and create more conversation.
  • It was decided to conduct “action planning” at the next meeting. Michelle will email out a sample.
  • Next meeting – January 28th, City Hall
  • Adjournment

LCPC Meeting Minutes Dec 30, 2008

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Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission


December 30, 2008

Roll Call:

Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice-Chair; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dave Morris; Dan Leikvold; Joe Bartman (phone); Eric Abramson (phone).

Absent: Bob Bratcher; Marlo Heuple;

Audience Attendance: 2

  • The group reviewed the January 6th agenda. Joe sent out information concerning World Café and asked to cover the logistics of the event and the purpose.
  • Nick stated the Chamber will be providing some refreshments. Nick has also sent out PSA’s and emailed invites for the event.
  • Joe stated he will be in town Monday night and Eric will be in Tuesday afternoon. Joe suggested that the group meet at 5:30 p.m. to ensure everyone is prepared and ready to facilitate the World Café. It was decided to meet at 5:00 p.m. and also have dinner.
  • Joe suggested in order to move groups into action, to also include doing “Open Space” at some point. He stated that it’s necessary to discuss the purpose of the event so people understand the need to move into action.
  • Nick felt this section would fall under his section in talking about the Comprehensive Planning Commission. Michelle will then talk about what has been accomplished and moving into the future action.
  • Dan stated that the Design Workshop is the “hook” and asked that the successes be moved before the World Café.
  • Discussion was made concerning the World Café questions. It was decided to have “What is most important to do now?” for two rounds and then the final round will be “What can I do?” When done everyone will report out on what they discovered “harvest or mining” and then move into “Open Space.” It was also stated that it’s important to know that those who show up are those who are meant to be there.
  • There was discussion on how the process works and enables everything to move forward. It was also stated that it’s important to take what is being discussed and what the people want.
  • Dan stated that the meeting should not take more than two hours but everyone should be prepared to adjust.
  • Michelle suggested that each Comp. Plan Commissioner should be assigned to a group to help as a liason.
  • Joe stressed that the list developed by the groups at the meeting might not fit what the Commission has lined out and it’s necessary to go where the energy is and be flexible and open.
  • Dan reviewed the agenda.
  • Joe discussed the concept of “open space.”
  • There was discussion about being prepared that not everyone will participate. It was also discussed that the focus will be to move into action.

Town Meeting January 6, 2009.

Bullet points from World Café discussion:

  • What is important to do now & what can I do?
    • Communication between business owners and property owners.
    • Instill a sense of pride
    • Talk to people door to door/face to face
    • Help/support downtown businesses
    • Pursue business grants
    • Hire a grant writer
    • Design a central way to communicate what’s happening in Lead
    • Find a better way not to conflict with other events
    • Reach out to the ministers
    • Beautify the town (government to individuals)
    • Market Lead to visitors
    • Better signage
    • Take pride and clean up individual properties
    • Help my neighbors
    • Courage to ask people to beautify their property
    • Talk positive and stop complaining
    • Support winter tourism
    • Sledding/kids activities
    • Take advantage of location and become more of a “resort” community
  • Organized Action Teams
    • Business Associations

§  Jim O’Grady

§  Karen Everett

§  Sherry Bea Smith

§  Reid Stone

§  Ron Everett

o   Black Hills Mining Museum

§  Bob Phillips

§  Sherry Bea Smith

§  Kim Borsch

§  Ron Everett

§  Mike Stahl

o   Lead Community Foundation

§  Sheila Alexopoulos

§  Karmen Thompson

§  Jody Kuntz

o   Main Street Revitalization

o   Signage for Lead/Communication

§  Les Roselles

o   Dog Park

§  Rose Burns

§  Nick Johns

§  Kim Borsch

§  Randy Lepthien

§  Doug Mathis

o   Housing/Neighborhoods

§  Casey Borsch

§  Joy McCracken

§  Dave Scherer

§  Reid Stone

§  Michelle Eddy

§  Lea Mathis

o   Funding for projects

§  Nick Krebs

LCPC Meeting Minutes Nov 12, 2008

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Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission


November 12, 2008

Roll Call:

Nick Krebs, Chair; Les Roselles, Vice-Chair; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dave Morris; Dan Leikvold; Marlo Heuple;

Absent: Bob Bratcher

Audience Attendance: 2

  • Les moved and Dan seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed. 6 yes; 0 no.
  • Les moved and Dan seconded to approve the minutes of October 22, 2008.  Motion passed. 6 yes; 0 no.
  • Rural Learning Conference Call
    • Joe Bartman, Eric Abramson and Lindsey Carlson joined the group on a conference call to discuss the Rural Learning Center report.
    • Dan introduced everyone.
    • Everyone reviewed the draft provided.  See attached.  Plans are currently to meet on December 8th, 7:00 p.m. with the whole community to review the findings.
    • Eric apologized for the amount of time it took to get the report complete.  He went through and summarized the findings.  One of the key findings was on page 4 “a community in transition” and show different themes.  It was noted that there are many plans out there, but no one knows where to start.  He stated that one of Lead’s advantages is its strong sense of place.
    • The issues and next steps were reviewed.  Eric stated they will be adding in additional data.
    • Joe reminded everyone that this is still in draft form but they will be putting the finishing touches on.  He asked if there were any comments.
    • Marlo questioned using the past to bridge the future.  He felt it will hard due to the negativity.
    • Eric stated this is an educational piece to see as an opportunity, not just baggage.
    • Les stated planning is one thing and doing is another and it is necessary to get going.
    • Dan felt it was very encouraging and that it is exactly what has been talked about.  The shared vision, process and set of priorities.  This allows the group to start with the action plan and review what has been done.  What is two years out and what are the top priorities for the next 15 years.  He felt if it was a bad idea to put it on the delete list.  This will all be presented to the whole community.
    • Nick stated that December 8th will be a good opportunity to review the report and share the process and brag about what has been accomplished and the commission’s purpose.
    • Marlo stated he liked the draft and felt it is a lot easier to digest.
    • Nick liked the idea to go where the energy is and putting people over projects. On December 8th, this will be a partnership with all entities and people.
    • Dave noticed that the city hasn’t been getting information out to the citizens and getting the message out is key.
    • Marlo also noted the feeling that “it’s always someone else’s responsibility.”  There needs to be people taking responsibility and this can be done through communication.
    • Lindsey stated that December 8th is an opportunity to create work teams to get people interested in what they like.
    • Joe agreed and stated that the community needs time to process and talk in small groups before developing the action plans.
    • It was discussed that the date needs to be settled and to possibly hold it at the high school.  Dan asked who should send out the invites.  Joe stated that the Rural Learning Center will send out a copy to everyone who participated and an invite to the meeting.  The group will also get the word out.  He suggested having food and refreshments.
    • The flow of the program was discussed.  Dan stated he didn’t want to start from scratch.  He stated that Rural Learning Center will do their presentation and then the Comprehensive Planning Commission will hand out what has been worked on.
    • Michelle stated that it is necessary to celebrate the successes and what has been done.  She suggested putting ideas out there and asking for input.
    • Nick agreed and added that people can then sign up for what they want.
    • Dan added that repetition is good and so it would be good to hold another meeting in January.  He also suggested having talking points such as stating the vision and asking if they agree.
    • Dave stated that groups have come and gone and it’s necessary to get people involved.  He warned that it’s necessary to be careful to commit ourselves to more than Lead can handle and the residents can handle.
    • Nick asked to have the Commission get back together again before the public meeting.
    • Dan stated he will work with Joe, Eric and Michelle to put together a plan and then meet again as a group.
    • Plans were made to meet December 3rd, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.
    • The Commission then reviewed the updated plan.  It reviewed the list of what has been done or is ongoing.  Dan asked if there was any debate on these items.
    • Michelle stated she reviewed all of the items and what has been discussed and that it’s necessary to place the “where do these go” as most of them are duplicates.
    • Nick felt the trail head should be moved up and that there is funding for this project.
    • Dan asked the group to review the items again and move items where they need to be.
    • Les added in recreation as a priority.
    • Nick stated he is working on getting things posted to the website.
    • Michelle will talk once again with the chamber about getting city items on there.
    • Dave discussed that some items are city functions and not something this commission should look at.
    • Nick felt the group should go where the energy is and put it out there and have residents sign up for what they need.
    • Marlo stated this will take more time than was originally thought and it will move forward in baby steps.
    • Dan noted on Eric’s comments that unless people come together with a sense of a shared vision with the community, Lead will continue with the in-fighting that is going on.
    • Nick reviewed the actions.
      • Review the plan and email Dan with suggestions
      • Michelle and Dan will draft December 8th meeting
      • Nick will follow-up with Cindy for website and Michelle with the chamber.
      • Next meeting will be December 3rd, 6:00 p.m.
    • Dan went over the upcoming dates:
      • December 3rd, 6:00 p.m.
      • December 8th, 7:00 p.m.
      • December 10th, 6:00 p.m. workgroups
      • There will be a meeting before Christmas to follow-up.
    • Les moved and Dave seconded to adjourn at 7:41 p.m.  Motion passed. 6 yes; 0 no.

LCPC Meeting Minutes Oct 22, 2008

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Lead Comprehensive Planning Commission

Meeting October 22, 2008

Roll Call: Nick Krebs, President; Les Roselles, Vice President; Michelle Eddy, Secretary/Treasurer; Bob Dratcher; Marlo Heuple; Dave Morris; Dan Leikvold

Audience Members Present: 6

  • Dave moved and Bob seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed. 7-yes; 0-no
  • Minutes: Dave moved and Bob seconded to approve the minutes of October 8, 2008.  Motion passed. 7-yes; 0-no.

Rural Learning Center:

  • Dan reported he sent out an email on Monday.  The finishing touches are being put on the report and they should have it soon.

Follow up:

  • Dan handed out what was put together from the Comprehensive Plan.
  • See attached sheet for full report.
    • Part I -was an overview taken from discussion that has been held and from the plan itself.
    • The plan is a road map to get Lead 15-20 years down the road.  It is necessary to develop short and long term goals to get there.
    • Dan asked for comments on the vision statement.-None were given.
    • It was reviewed as to what has been done or is ongoing.
    • It was noted that there is a sign ordinance in place at this time.
    • Dan explained that most everything listed was cut and pasted directly from the plan.  Michelle then added in comments where she knew what has been done.
    • It was discussed from the audience that downtown has not been maintained but needs to be restored as a central focus.
    • There was discussion about where the city center is located.  Les explained he felt it was from Wells Fargo to the armory.
    • Nick noted that “maintain” is a focus but not necessarily being done.
    • Les stated that the buildings are part of the history.  He feels the vision looks good.
    • There was discussion on the need to define the words “city center” and “maintaining.”
    • Dan suggested changing to “there will be a commitment to the downtown area as a central focus.”
    • Additional discussion decided it was good as it is and will be left alone.
    • Nick reviewed all of the items listed and asked for comment.
      • Dave noted there needs to be more emphasis on item #3.
      • Dan talked about the Fall Festival that was held this year and the need to build on that event for the future.  He felt the pluses were the potluck, but needed to be emphasized that it wasn’t a “Chamber Mixer” but instead a community event.  There will also be more time for the poker run.  Overall it was a good activity and Dan invited everyone to participate.
      • Nick noted that #3 is ongoing by other groups and doesn’t need to be a focus.
      • #4-ongoing and good.  It was discussed that one sign has been done and a second is being worked on.  Les noted that there needs to be more communication as what is happening.  For example on the city website.
      • Decision was made to combine #5 with #3.
      • #7-Michelle stated this was more of a block club focus.
      • #8-complete
      • #10-Les stated this is ongoing with Fire Prevention week.
      • #11-Rose suggested there was a need for more follow up and now that a 5 year commitment has been done what’s next.  It was noted that Black Hills Vision gave $300,000 for the start up of Dakota Land Trust.  Rose felt it is time to bring them back in and talk about what is being done. It was suggested to put this under the 2 year list.
      • #12-good.
      • #13-Marlo noted this is being addressed by Planning and Zoning and is ongoing.
      • Dan asked what was most important the streets, sewer, water…?
      • Under #13 it was discussed that there is a street replacement plan but it is not aggressive due to the lack of funds.  It was decided that all of it is important and needs to be watched.
      • #14-combine with 12,13,14,15 and should be then put under the heading of needing to be addressed in the next two years.
      • #16-this is being done and has been important since the plan was done.
      • #17- Marlo stated that Planning & Zoning are continually updating and reviewing, so this is being completed and is ongoing.  There was discussion about wind turbines and this is being looked at for an ordinance by the county.
      • #18-it was discussed to put this with 12-15.  This is actually a city focus and not a comprehensive plan issue.
      • #19-also was put with #s 12-15.
      • #20-complete.
      • #21-complete and ongoing.
      • #22- no one knew what this was so it was moved to the back page as not a priority.
      • Dan discussed the “Tender Loving Care” list and the current situation with demolitions coming through.  There needs to be a plan that is proactive before a house is beyond repair.  This is being discussed at Historic Preservation and houses are being identified.  They will be working with the State Historic Preservation for assistance.
      • #23-this is ongoing.
      • #24-
      • #25-this is complete and the city has adopted the 2003 International Building Code.
      • #26-this is being worked on.  The feeling is this is an enforcement, but there also needs to be incentives.  It was decided to keep this on the front.  It was discussed to possibly work through the block clubs.
      • Dan recapped what has been done 11, 12-15, 18, 21, 26 will all be moved to the two year column.
      • The sign ordinance is done.
      • Homework was given to look at the last three pages under where to go.
      • Dan and Michelle will work through this.
      • After everything is cleaned up then there should be a big community meeting to celebrate and update.
      • Nick will follow up with the press and possibly get on the Library website.
      • Marlo thanked those who are coming to the meetings and participating.
      • Michelle noted she will be gone on the 12th.
      • It was decided to keep the meetings at city hall.

Les moved and Marlo seconded to adjourn at 7:30 p.m.  Motion passed. 7-yes; 0-no.

LCPC Meeting Minutes Oct 08, 2008

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Lead Comprehensive Planning Committee

October 8, 2008

Nick Krebs, President; Les Roselles, Vice President; Michelle Eddy, Secretary; Dan Leikvold; Dave Morris; Absent: Bob Dratcher; Marlo Heuple

Audience: 5 members

Old Business:

Rural Learning Center Status

  • Dan received an update from Joe Bartman.  They are working with Jones and Jones and the work should be done within the week and ready for review.

Follow up discussion

  • Nick reported that there was nothing new.  He stated they have a good direction and asked for comments.


  • Les moved and Dan seconded to approve the minutes of September 22, 2008.  Motion passed.  5 yes; 0 no

New Business

  • Nick asked Dave Schneider to speak about his experiences with the steering committee who helped put the plan together.
  • Dan stated that in reviewing the plan there are notes and priorities with specific tasks.  He stated that the original committee was never formed.
  • Michelle corrected Dan in that there was a Redevelopment Commissioned formed reviewed what has been accomplished by NeighborWorks® Dakota Home Resources (NHS) and that in the beginning parking was an area that was addressed and looked at.
  • Dan discussed what the new committee was here to accomplish and that is to move items in the plan forward.  He stated that it is necessary to review tasks and see what has been done and what is still relevant.  He stated that some of the process is to talk with those who were involved in the development of the plan.  It stated that it is necessary to state a direction.
  • Dave Schneider stated that when the plan was put together, it was put together by a firm with categories that are general to most any community.  One of the risks of these plans is that it will sit on a shelf, be too general and not specific enough.  The document doe identify items and provide a base as to where to start.  He stated that it is very difficult to take items into action.
  • Dan stated that when Rural Learning Center has its report complete, it will also identify items with action and will probably look very much like the comprehensive plan.
  • Nick stated a concern about jumping in before the plan is really looked at.
  • Dave S. said that it is difficult to look into the future due to the present day constraints so it is necessary to determine a vision 1 year, 10 years then use this to identify the road blocks and how to get there.  Nick agreed.
  • Les stated that when the committee is ready, Terry Weisenberg will come up and review with the plan with the committee.
  • Dan stated there needs to be a final meeting to discuss from the spring with everyone and share the information.  Joe is willing to report out with the participants of the spring meetings.
  • The committee was commended for what they are trying to do and to make it all happen.  It was noted that it is necessary to keep community in mind as the plan moves forward and report out on the successes.
  • It was stated that there needs to be ownership of the plan and a shared vision by the community.  Other committees are here and have been here.
  • Nick stated he is anxious to move forward and asked to go through items.
    • Land Use
  • Dan felt it is the purposes of the committee to go through the action steps not review the goals.
  • There was discussion on different items including residents and non residents and who to bring in to help set the actions.  Additional discussion included the need to continually review the vision and look at the action.
  • Dave S noted that vision is independent of the how to and the action.
  • There was discussion that the vision is there and now it’s time to figure out how to get there.
  • Dave M stated that they need to get the community buy in first as it will create support so the action can happen.
  • It was questioned as to whether or not it is a shared vision.
  • Rose Burns stated that the plan is 4-years old so it’s necessary to consider what has happened.
  • Les felt the committee should work one goal at a time and work through it.  This can be done by reviewing the action steps and checking off what has been accomplished.
  • Nick suggested looking at goals and then setting the action steps as priorities to the goals.
  • Dave S stated that most areas of focus are the downtown.  He encouraged the committee to find an area like this that will create a universal impact that benefits everybody.  There needs to be a focus.
  • Nick asked the committee to look at the goal and develop the action steps.
  • Dave S stated there are two main points: 1. Preserve the historical nature of the town and 2. Create a city center/downtown as Lead does not have one.
  • Dan stated he believes the vision is there and it is the committee’s job to move it forward.  He went on that when it’s time to roll it out, let the public know and ask them to join along.  It is the mission of the group to make the vision happen.
  • There was discussion on the need to revitalize downtown and need to figure out how to make that happen.
  • The history of how Hill City turned around was discussed.  They started out small.
  • Dave M noted that it’s necessary to start somewhere downtown to get something started.
  • Dan stated that they need to decide what has been done and what is left.
  • Nick reiterated the goals and policies should be accepted and move ahead with the action steps.
  • Dan stated the group needs to develop a statement and agree with it.  Dan will work on this to develop a shared vision of the community.
  • It was discussed that the action steps are prioritized and well lined out.
  • It was discussed that the committee needs to identify what needs to be done first.  There was discussion about how projects are funded.
  • Michelle discussed developing incentives for downtown improvements.
  • Dan felt some of this would be in the Rural Learning Center report.
  • It was discussed that it’s necessary to look at the whole downtown and figure out what is wanted and then work on the how.  Dave S has a design that would cost about $15-20 million but can’t get the funding if there isn’t a plan on the whole vision.
  • Dave M stated that right now there is nothing to get visitors to stop.
  • There was additional discussion on selecting an area focusing on it.
  • Michelle offered to work with Dan on this.
  • Nick felt there still needed to be a 1 year plan.
  • It was discussed that there needs to be a focus and a catalyst to get things moving.
  • It was discussed to get the Science Authority involved.
  • Dave S suggested getting a liaison and include them in these discussions.
  • Next Meeting, October 22nd 6:00 p.m.
    • Action Steps for next meeting:
      • Need to post agendas
      • Michelle and Dan will work on the list.
      • Joe will hopefully send his report.
      • Need to make contact at the Lab.
  • Dave M moved and Les seconded to adjourn.  Motion passed. 5 yes; 0 no.

LPCP Meeting Minutes for Sep 22, 2009

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Comprehensive Planning Committee

September 22, 2008

Roll Call: Commissioner Nick Krebs, President; Commissioner Les Roselles, Vice President;

Bob Dratcher; Marlo Heuple; Dan Leikvold; Joe Bartman, Rural Learning Center.

Absent: Dave Morris

Audience Members: 7

  • Discussion was held on what would be the best day and time to meet.  It was decided to meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.  This will be published in the newspapers to encourage residents to come and participate.
  • Nick introduced Joe Bartman with the Rural Learning Center.  Joe attended to provide the group with an update on the design workshop that was held last spring.
  • Nick explained that this was the second official meeting for the Committee.  The plans are to review the current Comprehensive Plan, goals and action steps to identify what has been accomplished, what needs to be deleted and prioritize the next steps.  He stated the group will be developing a one-year plan for recommendation to the city. He noted they would like to incorporate the Historic Preservation plan as well as the school plan to see where they come together.
  • Dan stated there is a lot of duplication with the plan and with what has been done so far with Rural Learning Center.  He noted that there needs to be a process for moving forward and it’s important to drive direction and find common ground.  Dan asked where Rural Learning Center was in the process.
  • Joe passed around information as to what has been completed thus far.  Joe then discussed the history of Rural Learning Center and the successes they have had in Howard, SD.  He then summarized the process for Lead and what has been found so far.  The first steps were to conduct interviews with the various sectors of the community.  Next they hosted small group conversations and finally a design workshop was held with Jones & Jones and Eric Abramson.  It is the plan to pull all of the efforts together and complete the report.  This will include a summary of what they learned from the community to provide a direction.  This can be done with or without Rural Learning Center. Joe stated that the hang up right now is they are waiting for the report from Jones & Jones to put with the Rural Learning Center report.
  • Joe stated that what was found is the community residents really love Lead and want to make it better.  With all of the plans, a lot has been accomplished is already outlined.  He stated there are lots of opportunity with Deadwood gaming, the lab, recreation and private investment.
  • Joe then noted the challenges.  He stated Lead needs to identify who they are and how they can work together.  There are several ideas out there right now but no strong definition of leadership to pull all of the visions and ideas together.  There are also too many plans with no action or direction.  He stated the group needs to see how they can all work together for a solution.
  • In summary, Joe stated there needs to be more about people versus projects.  He suggested not making a list to check off but instead find the energy and go there.  Have the community talking together to discover things and voting on our feet.  He said to find out what residents are passionate about.
  • It was stated that the group needs to celebrate what has been accomplished to battle the apathy by residents to get involved.
  • Marlo suggested having items publicized to educate the public on what is happening.
  • It was also stated to get this information on a city website.  Michelle stated there is a city section on the Chamber website.
  • Other ideas were discussed on how to get the word out including using the media and putting notices of the meetings in the newspaper.
  • Dan noted that Joe’s assessment was spot on and it is good to hear from an outsider what they see.  He also noted that buy in is crucial and helps define what is important so when something comes up, the group knows what to do.
  • Discussion was held on how it all worked in Howard.  Joe stated the group held several meetings and developed a 10 year grassroots community plan.  From there they set small tasks that worked toward the big plan.  It got people talking to each other and really dig into the issues.  Joe stated that when planning goes on it is not a small group but rather a large group and everyone is a member.  It is also important to get the youth involved.  Joe discussed the pull factor and where Lead stands.  Currently the majority of our dollars are leaving the community.
  • Dan discussed the need for buy in and therefore the need for the report.
  • Nick suggested a possibility of identifying a primary action step in each of the six areas and develop a one year plan from there.
  • It was stated that the plan needs to be reviewed and see what has been accomplished and get it out to the media for a story.  It was discussed that the public needs to know what is going on and what is being discussed.  Also meetings need to be publicized with topics so those who want to be involved can be.
  • It was also decided to get the word out to the students so they can get involved.
  • Joe felt these were all good ideas but warned of settling back into small groups making the decisions.
  • It was noted that there needs to be grassroots conversations within the neighborhoods.
  • For the next meeting it was stated that there needs to be a sign in sheet.  Also to include in the news briefs where residents can get a copy of the plan.
  • It was decided that the Rural Learning Center should report to the Comprehensive Planning Committee to work in the same direction.

Next meeting: Wednesday, October 8, 2008; 6:00 p.m. Lead City Hall.

LPCP Meeting Minutes for Aug 19, 2008

Posted in Lead Planning Commission Minutes by cityoflead on August 20, 2008


Regular Meeting

August 19, 2008

The Lead Comprehensive Plan Commission met on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 in City Hall, 801 West Main Street at 7:00 PM with the following members present: Nick Krebs, Dan Leikvold, and Marlo Heupel.  Absent: Les Roselles, Michelle Eddy, Bob Bratcher, and Dave Nelson.  A quorum was not present.

The following items were discussed.


A twice monthly meeting scheduled was discussed.  Below is the initial recommended schedule of meetings to be held at city hall.  The alternate location is the high school if city hall is unavailable.

September 8th 7:00 PM

September 16th 5:00 PM

October 7th 5:00 PM

October 21st 5:00 PM

At the September 8th meeting we can discuss any adjustments needed to this schedule to accommodate the majority of the members and establish a long-term schedule.  The first Monday or Tuesday, and the third Tuesday of each month were discussed as possible regularly scheduled meeting dates.


Election of chair, vice chair, secretary and other positions deemed necessary will be held at the September 8th meeting.


A printed copy of the plan will be distributed to all members by August 21st.  All members are requested to read the plan prior to the September 8th meeting, and be prepared to begin discussing it.


Over the course of the next several months it’s recommended that the current comprehensive plan will be reviewed and acted upon as follows:

1)  What goals, policies and action steps have been met or completed?

2) Of the remaining goals, policies and action steps, which ones should be deleted or retained?

3)  What goals, policies, and action steps should be added?

4)  Prioritize agreed upon goals, policies, and action steps.

5)  Develop a 2009 Action Plan and tentative 2010 Action Plan


1) Identify, recruit, and assign champions/lead organizations for each action.

2) Develop plan for media coverage.

3) Obtain public buy-in/support for recommended 2009 Action Plan.

4) Obtain support from organizations that will serve as partners in implementing the plan, such as other governmental entities and non-profit organizations.

5) Recommend approval by Lead City Commission of 2009 Action Plan.

6) Prepare for recommendation of 2010 Action Plan that supports City of Lead, and partner organizations, 2010 budget process.


We discussed establishing a timeline that supports obtaining Lead City Commission approval in early 2009.  This timeline will be a discussion item at the September 8th meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:15 PM.